Harris Zia

Harris Zia hails from a family of entrepreneurs and has been actively involved in his parents’ business ventures since a young age. For more than two decades, he has engaged in various industries, acquiring a diverse set of skills. His ventures have spanned textiles, hospitality, import and wholesale trade of handicrafts, healing gemstones, crystals, natural health care products, and real estate.

For over 17 years now, Harris has successfully launched multiple businesses in Canada. His achievements can be attributed to his strong work ethic, unwavering determination to excel, and keen focus on earning the trust and satisfaction of his clients.

Just after arriving in Canada, he successfully established himself in the food and beverage industry as well. With a restaurant named MyKolachi in two different locations in Mississauga, Harris holds experience in this field and always delivers with perfection.

He holds the position of CEO at CommonWeel Developments, leveraging his family’s expertise and experience in real estate construction and investment. He collaborates closely with his clients to turn their dreams into reality. Alongside this, he ensures a delightful and rewarding client service experience.

Muhammad Ather

Muhammad Ather is an accomplished realtor with a strong background in banking, who has made significant strides in the Canadian real estate market over the past 7 to 8 years. Leveraging his financial expertise from his banking career, Muhammad excels at guiding clients to make informed decisions in real estate transactions. He has garnered a reputation as a top-performing realtor in the region, with a proven track record of successful negotiations and seamless property transactions.

Muhammad’s areas of expertise span across residential sales, investment properties, market analysis, and client-centric approaches. His data-driven insights and understanding of local market trends enable him to deliver accurate valuations and pricing strategies. Clients appreciate his dedication to building long-lasting relationships founded on trust, honesty, and transparency.

His financial background and real estate expertise satisfy clients whenever he works, particularly when it comes to investment properties. His commitment to achieving optimal client outcomes is a valuable quality that adds to CommonWeel Developments.


“In the past over 12 years practicing architecture and Interior design, Zahra has worked on many projects on a small and large scale. With large scale residences and commercial projects in multiple countries, her work transcends limitations and box style white interiors.

Having worked on many single unit residential projects in South east Oakville, Toronto and the rest of the GTA, Zahra brings in experience and freshness to each project she works on. Constantly learning and evolving she is always up to date with the latest trends and markets and creates interiors with a universal appeal that will always stand out from the rest .”

Hassan Kurabi

Hasan Kurabi’s early exposure to the world of real estate and construction can be attributed to his father’s impressive achievements in the same industry. This ignited a passion within him from a young age. Hasan is known for his hands-on approach to work, believing in dedicating time to fully grasp the intricacies involved and ensuring that all the elements align perfectly to create an impeccable final product.

Currently, Hasan holds the position of Director of Operations at AllureBrook Homes, where he has amassed extensive experience in the real estate sector since 2008. His expertise spans from analyzing real estate market trends to overseeing renovation and large-scale construction projects. He began his journey in the field with smaller real estate ventures during his time at RE/MAX, gradually progressing to more ambitious undertakings.

Hasan’s main objective is to forge strong, enduring connections with clients. He achieves this by gaining a thorough understanding of their unique requirements and aspirations, thereby delivering their dream homes with precision and care. Providing a seamless and exceptional client service experience is of utmost importance to him, and this is what he will add to CommonWeel Developments as our in-house builder.

Nouman Alvi

Nouman Alvi is a seasoned constructor with a remarkable journey of success, transitioning from the textile industry to construction. With a background in textiles, Nouman’s shift into building was marked by his passion for construction. Over the past several years, he has proven his mettle as a proficient constructor and builder, showcasing a deep understanding of the industry and its complexities.

From envisioning innovative interior spaces to executing intricate architectural designs, Nouman infuses his creations with a touch of textile-inspired finesse. Attention to detail and a keen eye for quality are trademarks of his work, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards. Extensively involved in both residential and commercial construction, Nouman always delivers with both diligence and focus.

He currently holds the position of President in the construction company Develeco. Whether it’s commercial or residential construction, he always delivers with diligence and perfection. His keen eye for detail, exceptional negotiation skills, and commitment to client satisfaction make him a beneficial in-house builder for CommonWeel Developments.

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